Why do we do bring your instrument to school?
The bring your instrument to school initiative gives students a chance to create their very own performance with an audience in a safe and caring environment. This is important for helping children feel confident and listened to as performing on the stage can be an incredibly daunting thing for many. It also addresses many areas of the model music curriculum and reinforces them in a practical setting.
It has been a pleasure to see and hear the talented musicians that we have at Park Lane international school over the last few weeks.

Learning about different instruments
Once again, we had a wide range of instruments including violins, electric drum kit, harmonicas, electric guitars and many different keyboards. We even had various arrangements of singers together singing in harmony and sharing different parts. EYFS brought in recorders, keyboards, glockenspiels and shakers to show their classmates.

Learning about different genres of music and developing our musical preferences
It is wonderful to hear the children choosing to perform genres of music that inspire and motivate them and we heard Classical, jazz, 20th century, pop even some rap!

Starting a new instrument or developing the skill in the same instrument
It is so great to hear how students have been inspired to start a new instrument or maybe find one that was already lying around the house and have a go at making some music. For students who have been learning an instrument for a while, it is super to hear how they have progressed and the skills that they are learning over time. Learning an instrument to a good level takes many years and a lot of commitment and hard work.

Being a good audience
Before each mini concert, we talked about what makes a good audience. We drew on experience of seeing shows outside of school and how we should behave but more importantly why. Children then asked very considered questions to the performer about the music or instrument and gave supportive feedback.

Ms Rosie Payne
EYFS Music and Drama specialist