We strive to create a lifelong passion for any physical activity that suits the individual and want to ensure that our pupils leave the lesson with positive memories. Our students are supported through fun and a high level of engagement and lessons are taught in line with the UK National Curriculum. We plan according to the children’s needs and try to be very flexible when required. Our lessons are not only about sport, we inspire students by leading by example and ensuring that they build the self-confidence, self-discipline and independence needed to make a positive contribution to society. We believe that children are most successful when they develop positive, and balanced daily habits. To help them to achieve this, we teach the importance of exercise, diet, and hygiene, and highlight the relationship between exercise and positive Mental Health. We believe in Sport for all during PE lessons that we teach, and we enable students to develop mutual respect within a safe, positive and supportive learning environment. All of our students starting in Early Years take part every half term in various House events.

The pupils learn and improve fundamental movement skills learning particular sports through small-sided games leading to full games in Y6. We cover Invasion games, Wall and net games and Batting fielding games. Athletics and Gymnastics are at the core of our subject and we earned the advantage of drawing on the experience and expertise of the local staff and culture to maximize the learning opportunities for the children. The Czech Republic is a great place for Sport.

When aiming to achieve sporting excellence we are committed to supporting students in the extra-curricular aspect of PE teaching. Our pupils join various morning and after-school clubs and participate in local competitions and international fixtures and tournaments within the international circuit.

We believe our approach enables the children to develop lifelong friendships, the ability to face difficulties with braveness and honesty and become fit, healthy and strong young people who are able to pursue their ambitions. We believe, Sport empowers us all to achieve this and more.

Lucie Mechová
Head of Primary PE