Teaching Reception children is a unique and fulfilling experience for me. When the children arrive in September, some speak no English, while others have never attended a formal setting. Some children have learned basic letter sounds, while others have not. It is incredible to watch the children grow and develop their skills through our Read Write Inc. programme, learning and speaking opportunities they have through play during our continuous provision activities, and learning how to manage feelings and friendships as I work alongsideMr. Josh throughout the school year.

Read Write Inc. is a phonics programme that teaches young children the skills to recognise phonics sounds and blend words together in order for them to become capable readers and writers. As children progress through the year, we place them in different groups based on their abilities. Sibeliova has been fortunate to have three distinct ability groups over the last few years, allowing us to meet the children where they are and help them improve in their skills based on their needs as individuals. Miss King’s phonics group has been working on different AL skills, sound recognition, pencil control, speaking activities, and blending skills. It has been lovely to watch their confidence grow and listen to the boys use English more throughout the day.

Julie Barrett
Reception Class Teacher