You are cordially invited to join us for a series of special events at our Primary campus that showcase the talents, achievements, and progress of our students.

Stay and Share events provides a valuable opportunity for parents to actively engage in their child’s educational journey. These sessions invite parents into the classroom environment, allowing them to witness the dynamic and innovative learning experiences their children participate in daily.

Thursday 14th March
Year 4J and Year 4M

Pupil Led Conference is a unique and empowering event that showcases the students’ active role in their education. During these conferences, students take the lead in presenting their academic progress, achievements, and personal growth to their parents and teachers.

Wednesday 20th March
Year 1T and Year 1V at Norbertov and Year 1 at Nessie
Year 2\l and Year 2LC

Thursday 21st March
Year 6 Classes at Valdštejnská

The Spring Show will feature captivating performances by our talented students, showcasing their creativity in music, drama, and dance.

Friday 22nd March at Norbertor School Hall
08:45 Year 3N
09:45 Year 3C

Friday 26th April
08:45 Year 5R
09:45 Year 5S