Early one November morning, 92 keen Year 5 and Year 6 students descended on Valdštejnská for STEAM day. The theme this year was ‘Guy Fawkes, the gunpowder plot and all things rocket‘. Our dedicated subject specialists were in their element, running sessions that touched upon a range of topics from different subjects such as science, computer science, mathematics and art.

The workshops included:

  • ‘Defying gravity or how to build a rocket’ – Mr Dunwell (Chemistry)
  • ‘Rocket art’– Ms Tutinji and Mr Teasdale (Art)
  • ‘Microbits small but mighty’ –  Mr Emerich (Computing)
  •  The story of Guy Fawkes or Spies’ beginners class– Mrs Zajac and Ms Abbott (Mathematics)

The primary students were keen and engaged and the classrooms of Valdštejnská were filled for the day with flying rockets, code-breaking devices, and gasps of wonder.

Marta Zajac
Subject Leader for Mathematics