On Thursday 18th April Primary children at Norbertov will have a STEM DAY.  Stem Day is not just any ordinary school event. It’s a transformative experience that brings students closer to real-world applications of knowledge and allows them to explore the interconnectedness of different disciplines. Here’s how it unfolds:

Science: Hands-on experiments that make abstract concepts tangible. Whether it’s chemistry, physics, or biology, students are encouraged to ask questions, hypothesize, and test their ideas. This kindles the spirit of inquiry.

Technology: The digital age is upon us, and technology is at the forefront. Students are exposed to coding, robotics, and computer-aided design, giving them a taste of the tools that drive our modern world.

Engineering: Building bridges, creating structures, or constructing simple machines allows students to apply mathematical concepts and learn the art of problem-solving through design.

Arts: Creativity knows no bounds. Integrating arts into the STEM equation (turning it into STEAM) lets students unleash their imagination through activities such as 3D modeling, music, or digital art.

Mathematics: Math is the glue that holds it all together. It’s a common language that helps students understand the logic and precision inherent in science, technology, engineering, and arts.

We look forward to this interesting day !

Primary students engage in hands-on activities and ignite curiosity.