Recently Year 3C and 3S have explored our Stone Age Man topic in numerous fun ways. Ms Ewelina helped the children to create fantastic cave art painting and designs. Children used information to guide them when designing and colouring their own stone age clothing during History lessons. In English, we have been writing our own version of the book, Stone Age Boy, and some children have even begun typing their completed stories. Of course, learning extended beyond school to weekends, with children adventurously making a meal the Stone Age way!

To top it all off, in Science, we investigated the change of state from solid to liquid – with the aid of chocolate and warm hands! Sweet, messy fun!

Next week, both classes will visit TriloPark to travel even further back in time and meet prehistoric creatures which roamed our earth in the lead up to the Stone Age.

Ms Carly, Mr Stuart, Mr Andrea and Ms Jelena
Year 4 Teachers