We can all practice sport ! And Swimrun events are one option! It was a great opportunity for our pupils to try something new. Aquathlon is usually for swimmers who are looking for an adventure and runners looking for something extra, and a whole lot of people who just want to test themselves or celebrate their fitness in a different way.

Park Lane pupils from Y5 and Y6 took part in Aquathlon, Swimrun race in Petynka area last Thursday. The organiser moved the event so we could have better weather but we were still not lucky. The sky had the blue sun shining but the temperature of the outside pool was only 19 degrees so the organisers decided to cancel the swimming part and for the first time in 22 years history the children “only“ had to run.

The cross country run was done in intervals which was a new experience for all our pupils. Everybody was ready to beat their time and they all did their best! I was really happy with the sports atmosphere they created and the way how they cheered everybody.

Our best runners were Julie D. who come 7th out of 48 runners and Ben H. who came 14th out of 45 runners! Excellent results! Swimrun is a way of training not necessarily to race but to feel good. To be out in nature, with friends, and to discover new places in Prague and within yourself. It is one way how we can keep our pupils mentally and physically healthy.

The next Aquathlon will be indoor in the Šutka swimming pool; run in Čimický háj. The date will be more likely Thursday 13th October but it will be confirmed. Looking forward to seeing some of our children there.

Ms Lucie and the Primary PE team