“Hey hey hey! I am Adele and in the famous year of 2020, I graduated from Park Lane International School in Prague. I attended Park Lane for 7 years and ufffff, it has been a wild ride! Now that I am studying at the University of Sussex, I realize just how grateful I am to the school and all it has taught me. Also, I am honestly thankful for doing the rigorous IB program, as it has prepared me for the unknown world of university. Even though I am loving my new ‘educational chapter’ in life, I do miss the Valdstejnska site views and the Klarov attic classrooms. The Park Lane community has been my family for many years, and I am glad I spent my teenage era with them. The show, however, must go on and so my eyes are now set on psychology. In two years, I plan to explore the world a little more and study a year abroad in either Asia or Australia— but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we will see what happens. I will tell you all about it at the Park Lane alumni reunion!”