“I did not, contrary to my aspirations and initial plans, embark on any university journey after graduating from Park Lane. A couple of rejections from institutions came my way and blew me off to an unexpected path, what was in my view at the time, a very dreaded gap year. After having an existential crisis during summer, I regained clarity on the uncontrollable circumstances of life. I understood that I am not defined by the university I attend (or don’t), nor that my capacity for intellectual growth is reliant on others’ guidance. Perhaps this is rather trivial, but as a young adult, it was a transformative lesson. Park Lane installed within me, during a relatively short two years, the ability to accept failure as a price for success and adopt a growth-mindset about the opportunities I could seize. Following these realizations, I reconnected with the school to offer my assistance and have been gifted with the opportunity to be a part of their community, yet again. I now work as a student support assistant, offering my insights and help to future graduates, whilst learning from the best of Park Lane staff. In 2021, I hope to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Psychology somewhere abroad. For now, I am happily enjoying my valuable experiences and stress free year.”