“Hi! My name is Mariana and I am currently enrolled at the Third Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, studying General Medicine. I made the decision to undertake the IB Diploma Programme at Park Lane in Autumn 2018 and let me tell you why this was the best decision I’ve ever made. The biggest thank you that I owe to Park Lane is for teaching me to be confident in myself and my own beliefs. Theory of Knowledge, Global Politics and English classes taught me how to develop and express relevant arguments. Our IB Maths teacher, apart from making me work hard on my (dreaded) maths homework, taught me not to apologize for asking questions, however dumb they may sound. Mr. Čihák, our IB coordinator showed me that problems are not to be swept under the rug but rather solved immediately. All of these are soft skills that I value deeply and will always be grateful to Park Lane for showing me their importance. Not only did my school prepare me well academically for the difficult medicine entrance exams, but most importantly supported my classmates and I in becoming respectful individuals and members of society❤.”