We have reached the numerous and successful Physics Olympiads for this academic year. This time it was the Intermediate Challenge, sat by a record 16 Year 11 students, demonstrating the ever-growing interest in Physics. It was again split into two online 25-minute sessions, which took place during lunchtimes last month. The initial reaction of the participants was that this was the hardest Challenge so far and they were unsure of how well they had done. As ever, they did themselves and the school proud, rising to the occasion and producing a very strong performance. There was only 1 gold level this time, 11 silver awards and 3 bronze awards, with a number of the silver awards being only a mark or two away from gold. So, it is on this celebratory and successful note that we say goodbye to our Y11 Physicists, with the hope of seeing some of them again rising to the Olympic challenge as IBDP students.

Kevin Troy
Teacher of Physics