The 2024 COBIS Music Festival, hosted by the International School in Bahrain, brought immense success to our school. Our students, from Y8 to Y12, competed in 10 categories. We are incredibly proud to announce that we won four categories, secured second place in two categories, and also received an Honorable Mention.

  • Šimon M. from Y9 won the Vocal Classical category
  • Boris B. from Y9 won the Instrumental Contemporary Lower category
  • Jan D. from Y12 won in the Upper division
  • The Battle of the Bands was won by the Monday Band, composed of Šimon M, Alain I, Boris B, and Charlotte W. Vincent Š from Y8
  • Barbara H. from Y12 secured second place in their categories of Instrumental Classical and Vocal Contemporary

Barbara also formed a vocal ensemble with Veronika I. and Charlotte W. from Y10, and they received a Special Jury Award for their outstanding performance. Overall, our school was exceptionally successful.

The competition was incredibly tough, with 160 students from 12 international schools participating. As their music teachers, we received numerous compliments from other teachers and the jury, who consistently mentioned the extraordinary performances of our students. Over the course of two days, we achieved fantastic results that were the culmination of careful preparation. We are truly happy and proud of the work we have done with our students. We look forward to showcasing our group performances on March 21st at Prague Crossroads during the annual extravaganza, Sound of Park Lane.

Lada Bartošová and Casper Hatlestad
Music Teachers Secondary

The phenomenal success of Park Lane musicians in Bahrain