Wednesday evening saw the Learning Centre invaded by ghosts, monsters and spooky spirits for the annual Y6 Candlelight Story and Disco. Luckily for all concerned it was also visited by 5 Year 10 students as part of their Duke of Edinburgh community service. The five students, Barbora H., Sam H., Míša T., Nela P. and Harry R. really energised the Y6 students with their crazy dancing.

Their enthusiasm and sense of fun was infectious. It was fantastic to see them encouraging the shyer students to dance as well. They also helped with all of the games such as “Pass the Pumpkin” and musical statues.
The famous five decided on the categories in the “dress up” competition and on the winners. The catwalk for each student was a highlight of the evening.

Certainly, the five made many new friends that evening and they demonstrated all of the 5Rs, especially risk-taking, with their dancing and costumes (they each came as a character from Scooby Doo!) Thanks to all of them for their help. Especially to Nela who made the poster, and Sam who made a great DJ!

Sue Gifford
Learning Centre Coordinator