Wednesday was the BIG day and the Year 6 students were all so excited. On this day two became three… classes that is. Which meant that students from 6K and 6E along with 7 new students came together to form 7P, 7L and 7I.
The day began with an assembly and then students quickly moved to different subjects and teachers. Each group experienced Art, English, Maths, Computer Studies, Science and House activities.

Here are some of the comments about the subjects:

Which subject did you like best and why?

  • Art because we got to experiment with cold, warm and monochrome colors
  • I most enjoyed computer science. I really enjoyed playing with the micro bits!
  • I enjoyed science because we were working with Skittles and learned about how particles in warmer water move faster although in cold water the particles move slower.
  • Maths, because we were drawing 3D shapes on isometric paper.
  • I enjoyed everything but I probably enjoyed the Games on the astroturf the most because I like doing anything that includes activities and
  • Sport.
  • Music, because we were using instruments and I really enjoyed that
  • English because it was about transforming.

How did you feel overall about the day?

  • The Day was amazing! I am excited to go to Secondary for next school year 🙂
  • I had a very good time and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.
  • I enjoyed the day very much and I’m looking forward to Year 7.

And we look forward to you joining us too!

Sue Gifford
Head Year 7