We are approaching The Winter Show time again ! This time of the year brings together the school community to celebrate the spirit of the season. We look forward to gather in a joyous atmosphere to witness the creativity and dedication of our students.

Friday 15th December at Norbertov
9.15 – Y1T & Y1V classes
10.15 – Sibeliova Nursery & Reception

Friday 15th December at Nessie
9.30 – PreNursery, Nursery
Reception and Y1 classes

Monday 18th December at Norbertov
9.00 – Y4J
10.00 – Y4M

Pupil Led Conference is a unique and empowering event that showcases the students’ active role in their education. During these conferences, students take the lead in presenting their academic progress, achievements, and personal growth to their parents and teachers.

Friday 15th December at Norbertov
Y5R and Y5S classes

Stay and Share events provides a valuable opportunity for parents to actively engage in their child’s educational journey. These sessions invite parents into the classroom environment, allowing them to witness the dynamic and innovative learning experiences their children participate in daily.

Tuesday 12th December at Norbertov
Y3C and Y3N classes

Monday 18th December at Norbertov
Y2L and Y2LC classes

Tuesday 19th December at Valdštejnská
Y6A, Y6E and Y6K classes

We look forward to festive creativity of these events and hope to see you there !