I  would like to announce the outcome of the World Robotics Olympiad in Odense, Denmark on September 21st-24th. We took three students to compete and they performed really well. Even though we did not win, the students learned a lot and enjoyed meeting other competitors from other countries. Some comments from Sebastian M, Vojtech T and Damian P are below.

  • I enjoyed the last day the most because we had to think fast and make decisions on the spot because we only had 90 minutes to make almost entirely new code which we managed quite well but on our judges’ run we were a bit unlucky.
  • I enjoyed the show after the competition, and I learned a few things about Denmark and a few about programming the robot.
  • Well, in the end, we got 50 points so I am pretty motivated for the next competition

Please congratulate them on their success if you see them.

Daniel Emerich
Teacher of Computer Science