Before we went on Half Term holidays pupils in Year 5 were tasked with the job of creating a design of a pencil case that would hold everything they need in class. We went through a thorough design phase where we created mock-ups of what we want our final products to look like. Once we settled on something we were happy with we went into TinkerCAD – an online 3D design tool and got to work. Over the next few weeks the pupils tinkered with their designs introducing new features and changing the initial design to finally reach the desired product. Once the designs were ready the pupils had one final choice to make – the colour of the filament they wanted their pencil case to be printed in. Now it was time to 3D print them on our Creality Ender 3 printers. Thankfully, we have two of them so that allowed us to speed up the process significantly. Below you can find some pictures of the final products ready on the tables in class.

Mr Jakub Zalopa
ICT Primary Teacher