Year 5 class is going to visit the the multimedia exhibition ‘Prague of Charles IV’ on Thursday 15th February, that brings closer Charles’s visions and the actual reality of Prague’s transformation during the reign of the Luxembourg dynasty. Among the attractive exhibits are models of Vyšehrad, Prague Castle, and St. Vitus Cathedral, which served both religious and state needs in Charles’s time. A completely new concept is presented by the model of Nový hrádek in Kunratice, the residence of King Wenceslas IV, created based on the latest knowledge obtained through archaeological research.

A separate part of the exhibition is the children’s museum, offering the youngest visitors the opportunity to experience various aspects of life in Charles’s Prague firsthand.

Virtual presentations acquaint visitors with the city’s administration and the construction of a medieval bridge. Dramatic stops bring closer the atmosphere of the city, its life, and certain events, such as Charles’s birth, his arrival in Prague in 1333, coronation, and funeral. Videomapping on the model of the entire Prague city center and the model of Charles Square with its surroundings illustrates the construction and urban development of the city during the 14th century. The everyday life of the city and its inhabitants during the Luxembourg era is illustrated by unique archaeological finds and other original items from the collections of the Museum of the City of Prague, the Prague branch of the National Heritage Institute, and other institutions.