Last Wednesday, Y9 students took a trip to the iconic Prague Castle in order to understand what it’s like to be an actual author of travel texts. The Castle complex in one of the biggest in the world and was built in the 9th century for the kings of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire. Today, the stronghold atop the hill is the official office of the President of the Czech Republic as well as a UNESCO world heritage site. Students had a guided tour of St Vitus Cathedral where they learned the history, legends and scandals of the impressive catholic church followed by a tour of some of the most important rooms and areas of the castle complex, including the infamous defenestration window, the old parliamentary room (Vladislav Hall) and the Grand Hall of the Old Royal Palace that housed celebrations of the recently coronated Czech royalty.

The students recorded notes during the trip so that they may later reflect and compose two different travel texts. The first text will be a travel guide meant to inform tourists of the best places to eat, visit and shop, as well as practical details to assist them with when, how and where to go when visiting. Students took some wonderful photographs while undertaking their trip as well as gathering some insider tips that they, as locals, will be able to share. The second text written by students will be a travelogue giving a firsthand account to armchair travelers, immersing them in the sights, sounds, smells and emotions that one encounters while touring the grounds.