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Our three daughters have gradually entered Park Lane since its opening at Prague 6 in 2009. Although English was our main objective, other positive factors quickly prevailed, including an individual approach, open and motivating learning environment and a diverse school community. For the last six years I have been amazed to see my children grow into happy, hungry and motivated learners with confident and kind personalities, who have built strong international friendships. They are open-minded, kind and respectful and I trust that Park Lane shall prepare them exceptionally well for their further life journeys. We as family are proud to be part of the Park Lane community and we truly believe it is the No.1. international school in Prague.

Tomáš K.

Fantastic locations, great teachers, small classes plus visible progress and growing independence of children.

Pavel K.

As an International family living and working in the heart of Europe, an international education for our daughter was of paramount importance to my wife and myself. When we were searching for an International school we were looking for something which would provide our daughter with a very defined and planned educational path through the important primary and secondary years but also with a constant eye on the essential future, when with the correct and professional support our daughter will, we hope, have the opportunity to explore the very best of international universities and beyond. Our desire as parents is to provide our child with the best educational experience possible, we are really trying to find teachers who care as much we do about our child’s future, this can prove to be a challenge“. Read more here 

Jimmy W.

We have three children at Park Lane; it is our fifth year in this school.
The school is run in the spirit of a dialogue, not an autocratic monologue: children feel they have a say and are encouraged to develop their opinions. The staff is very forthcoming with parents: they try to help them with their ideas and concerns, no matter how small or unusual they may be. Our children simply love going there – for the teachers, the friends, for the learning and other activities… They even miss school when they’re on holidays.
Children are treated as individuals, with their specific needs, goals and desires, which should help them with whatever life throws their way later on.

Masha and Irenej I.

For me and my husband the key priority is the high quality international education of our kids but also the strong values that the school teaches the kids. That’s why we have chosen Park Lane – we want to ensure that our kids will be successful individuals in the international environment. For us as Czech family is also very important to have the high quality Czech program available at Park Lane.”

Ivana L.

Our son has attended Park Lane for over 5 years now and we are very happy to have found such an excellent school in Prague. It is great to see him progress both academically and socially. The atmosphere of the school is very inspiring; teachers are not only experienced but sincerely caring. From Principal to support staff, everyone is always going the extra mile in their jobs. We would not hesitate to highly recommend the school.

Andrea and Pavel Ch.

Currently we have both daughters in Park Lane and we are happy to say that the atmosphere in school is open-minded. The teaching staff respect kids’ personalities and teach them not only knowledge but also how to cooperate, how to build their self-estimation, critical thinking and discuss topics in respectful and kind way.
We have never heard from our kids that they are not looking forward to go to school, both are eager to learn and acquire new information. They are happy to be with their classmates and friends from school. Both are eager to learn, not afraid to ask questions and on top respect different points of view and different cultures.
Our big thanks to school staff and board.

Alice M.

Overwhelming support and always striving to give their best efforts. These are the core values we appreciate at Park Lane International School. Our two daughters are seriously upset when they are about to miss a single school day. There could hardly be a better recommendation than this.”

Jana and Štěpán T.

Albert Einstein:  “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

At Park Lane International School children receive a British education at the highest international level in combination with an extensive Czech programme. The School teaches children to think, to find solutions, to collaborate and to help each other, skills children will need all their lives.

Jan A.